About Us

At Streamwood Montessori we view and value each child as a uniquely special and competent individual.  Our philosophy, curriculum and environments affirm that every child is capable of independent achievement given a safe, nurturing setting and developmentally appropriate tasks.  Additionally, each child gains a strong sense of self and learns to function respectfully in the larger world.  At Streamwood Montessori, children learn to learn, developing skills that will serve them for a lifetime, both personally and academically.

Streamwood Montessori was established in 2007 as a privately owned and operated school and child care center.  Our facility serves children from 6 weeks to 9 years of age and is licensed by the Department of Children and Family Services. Montessori programs meet and exceed the benchmarks of the Illinois State Board of Education Learning Standards for each age group.

Our secured facility is positioned at the edge of a quiet residential neighborhood, away from busy streets and traffic.  Children are welcomed into bright, open classrooms that overflow with stimulating materials which encourage learning and creativity.  Our calm, clean, safe and enriched environments are outfitted to provide the perfect setting for your child to grow and develop in ways that work for him/her. Outdoors, peaceful and protected play spaces are divided for individual age groups. Children of all ages enjoy a private setting bordered by large trees and native grasses.  Our school is conveniently located just 1 minute north of Irving Park Rd., between Route 59 (Sutton Rd.) and Barrington Rd.

At Streamwood Montessori we hold a vision of happy, confident, children capable of pursuing their fullest potential.  It is our mission to provide superior child care and educational programs which facilitate individual growth and excellence.