Here’s what parents have to say about Streamwood Montessori

“Both of our children have been attending Streamwood Montessori for a little over a year. We switched from a well-known corporate daycare for numerous reasons. Enrolling them with Teresa and Streamwood Montessori is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Teresa is wonderful and has a staff that truly cares and builds relationships with our children. We have seen them develop exponentially, and in ways that our previous daycare provider could not accomplish. I would recommend Streamwood Montessori to any parent.” Todd M. – Elk Grove

“I’ve be extremely impressed with the education my children are receiving at Streamwood Montessori. The staff is awesome and professional. I cannot say enough great things about Streamwood Montessori. I highly recommend Streamwood Montessori to any parents look to start their children off on the right track.” WN – Streamwood

“I don’t have anything negative to say about Streamwood Montessori, the owner and teachers are wonderful with kids and very responsible, always take care of the children needs. I had a horrible experience at a previous daycare and I am so grateful to have found this school, my kids have learn so much and are so advanced for there age, they love their teacher. I don’t worry about their well being because I know they are well taken care off. I highly recommend to all parents who want their children in a safe, clean and great school!!!”

– Maria R., Streamwood

“Streamwood Montessori is the only place I would dream of sending my children. I know that they are well cared for and loved while they are there. The staff genuinely cares for each child and their individual needs. My daughters have flourished under their care and I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for not only daycare, but a fantastic learning environment”.

– submitted by a parent, Bartlett

“After several visits to many child care centers in the area, we could not have made a better choice. Like many parents facing the need of finding care for their child in order to return to work, we went back and forth over many options. Streamwood Montessori has been amazingly patient and emotionally supportive to me and my transition of going back to work after being able to stay home for 11 months with my daughter. She loves it, and it makes me happy to see her smiling every time I pick her up. I love the teachers there and you can really tell they are genuinely caring for your child. After our first week there, I can honestly say that these women are truly my angels. Thank you so much!”

– Betty C., Streamwood

“Streamwood Montessori has been such a blessing for our family. The search for daycare for my son when I had to return to work ended here. The facility is clean and the teachers are great. I was so impressed with facility. My son loves his teachers and he loves them. He is only two and talks about them all the time at home. He is so happy to go to school everyday! When I was a new mom, touring the school, the director had such empathy and patience for my concerns. She takes it very seriously that you are trusting her to care for your child in her absence. I would recommend Streamwood Montessori to anyone.”

– a parent, Streamwood

“I want to express my gratitude to the Streamwood Montessori staff. My children have been attending Streamwood Montessori for over two years now and they love it! My kids actually want to go to school even on their off days. They are constantly talking about all their wonderful friends & teachers at Streamwood Montessori.  Ms. Susan has seen the children from their days of crying when we dropped them off and she has been very compassionate and caring with the children. All the teachers really care about the children and are passionate about their wellbeing.  Kudos to Streamwood Montessori for a job well done. Too bad we can’t stay forever past 6yrs of age.  Thank you and looking forward to another great school year 2011-2012.”

– S.P., Streamwood

“ I am so grateful for finding Streamwood Montessori as a daycare for my kids. Both of my children love this school. My son blossomed with his language skills, letters and numbers quickly after starting here. My daughter, at just 13 months, learned sign language for “more, please” to help her better communicate her needs as she is just learning to talk. The environment is open, bright and stimulating. They have been the cleanest daycare I have seen by far. The teachers are wonderful, compassionate and nurturing. I have looked at a lot of places and I know that my children would not receive this superb level of care and education anywhere else.”

– J.B., Streamwood

“ I like Streamwood Montessori for the following reasons: Excellent teacher-student ratio Differentiated teaching Very clean and safe learning environment Roomy & airy classrooms Materials are accessible for kids to work with Friendly staff Safe play area in the back especially for older kids My kids in the 3-6 room are thriving and they surprise me regularly with the things they learn in school. My son sees fractions time and money everywhere.”

– S.R., Streamwood

“ I have been working here for three years and love being a part of this school. Previously I worked for other, large child care centers and never really felt that they understood the joys of working with children. Here the entire staff is truly engaged in devoting their time to your child. All three of my children have attended or are attending the school. I was not very familiar with the Montessori Method when I came to the school. I was nervous about how my 4 yr old daughter would adjust from “regular” child care to this new method. However, the transition was seamless. She flourished in the classroom and continues to excel. (she is now 7 yrs old) Both of my sons are currently attending the school. The school itself is in a great neighborhood location and the classrooms are neat, clean and calming. The thing I like best about Montessori: the teachers observe each child and design an individualized curriculum for that child. This allows them to extend beyond a pre-determined curriculum typically seen at traditional centers. We also encourage the children to be responsible and compassionate members of their community.”

-Submitted by a teacher

“Our son attends the morning preschool session three times a week… He is always full of news about the activities at school – songs, stories, art projects, playing outdoors, etc. He really looks forward to going to school and seeing his teachers and the other children. We are very impressed by the kindness, patience, skill and competence of the teachers. It is a structured yet very warm and caring environment for a child.”

-Phil and Miegan W. – Bartlett

“I’ve had the opportunity to look at schools prior to being a part of Streamwood Montessori and I can honestly say that Streamwood Montessori sets the bar high in all capacities including but not limited to nurturing teachers, safe and clean environment and convenient location. I believe this is what makes this school so exceptionally great and I’m glad my son and I are a part of it.”

-Sonia K. – Streamwood

“Streamwood Montessori has become such a wonderful experience for our son that he looks forward to attending every day.  Our son has been enrolled since the school opened when he was very young.  Now, as a toddler, his cognitive skills continue to grow rapidly in large part to the amazing hands-on faculty there. We owe a lot to the creative and mental development of our son to their structured, yet open learning environment.  My husband and I are so happy to have made the choice of Streamwood Montessori because of our relationships with his teachers and our trust in the rest of the staff.”

-Vennessa W., Streamwood

“Our son has been enrolled since the school opened and we could not be happier with the care and education he has been receiving…  …his listening skills have improved… At the young age of having just turned three, our son is learning to write… We are extremely thankful for the personal attention that our whole family receives. We trust the caring staff with our son and we would recommend Streamwood Montessori to anyone we know for the same care and education our son receives.”

-Laura G., Streamwood